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Friday, January 4, 2002

References to Web sites other than that of “Bethel (The House of God)” are for your information only and are neither a suggestion that you visit such sites nor an endorsement either of such Web sites, their sponsors or their contents.
Conversely, omission of references to particular Web sites does not necessarily mean that we are opposed to or condemn the materials therein presented.
Also, inclusion of a reference to someone else’s Web site in no way implies their acceptance or support of statements or claims made here.
Any statements of position or doctrine, including any claims of personal authority, should be carefully and prayerfully considered in the Light of the Holy Scriptures.



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William Branham
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Message believers who subscribed to our website, please be notified, that we now have displayed on our website, the German translation of entitled “People ask questions, Dr. Frank answers by his theology”. We trust that this will serve to reach German speaking believers worldwide. All comments should be directed to EODH publications and not to our distributors, though some are engaged in translation and distribution of our work. The author holds himself responsible for the exposition of Dr. Frank’s heresies displayed on this website and is willing and ready to entertain any challenge. All that would oppose this work should be very considerate in defending Dr. Frank and his heresies. Such defense must be message based and scripturally proven. We are not interested in just sarcastic comments or personal opinions. We will appreciate if opposers will place their names under their comments, so if it becomes necessary to answer their questions publicly, we would have someone to whom we will address the issue when we place it on our website. Comments can be in either English or German. EODH, understands that Dr. Frank has the backing of a Doctorate behind his name, is highly intellectual and recognized by message believers, especially in Germany. Though many are conscious of his evil work and heresies they are afraid to speak out against his life and heresies. However the author with all true ministers of the message are not afraid of his Doctorate, his popularity, intellectualism or what opposition may arise, because of this work entitled “People ask questions, Dr. Frank answers by his theology”. Finally, we thank all English and German speaking message believers for their uncompromising support of EODH and especially this exposition of Dr. Frank’s heresies. Your comments, words of appreciation and support will be highly appreciated. The Lord bless you. The Author And Associate Ministers