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Massock Liar Louis


            II Peter 2:1 <But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.>

            John 8:44 <Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.>


            A chief heretic, notorious liar, unrepentant hypocrite and most bitter opposer of E.O.D.H. has admitted to gross immoral misconduct and whoredom, while holding the office of a message preacher. This was after E.O.D.H. pulled the covers by publishing a Cameroon ministers' report which exposed the immoral life of this nasty preacher, in an indirect manner. The immoral heretic in question is Mr. Massock Liar Louis of the Cameroons, who is well known in that Country for his nasty immoral living.

            He has confessed to only part of his whoredom. We will therefore add what he left out, that he defiled young sisters in the church and was caught in the very act on more than one occasion, according to the Cameroon ministers' report of 2012.

            The previous exposition of his immoral life and notorious lies was published on our website on 16th December 2012. Now we have a second document which deals with ten nonsensical articles of this man, which he claimed would expose E.O.D.H.





            Rather than this nasty false prophet repenting, hold on to the horns of the altar and beg God for mercy, he has risen up with his dirty diapers, armed with heresies and lies and filth on his hands, and backed by Susan; one of his main victim of whoredom, to fight E.O.D.H., threatening to expose us by these ten articles. What a pitiful sight! This man has no shame whatsoever. We were hoping for him, that he would repent, but he looks more like a man who has fulfilled Hebrews 6 and Hebrews 10.

            His matter brought against E.O.D.H. is dismissed and thrown out from the Court before it starts, as the accuser has no credibility whatsoever, and his allegations are baseless, heretical, nonsensical and total lies. However, we will let the matter be tried and pick up his challenge for the sake of the minds of those he has scattered his lies and heresies to, and to help the simple in heart.





            Hello Mr. Massock, liar and false prophet,

                                                                               I, Ronald Jack, do write in response to your ten articles of lies sent to me by email. Though your filthy immoral life is enough to expose your doctrine as heretical and from the pit of hell, and though we have no time to pick up your expressions of madness in our defence, to save the minds of the innocent and young believers, I write enough to prove that you are a fanatic, a heretic and the biggest liar that ever opposed E.O.D.H., and that your ten articles are baseless, heretical, senseless, nonsensical, full of notorious lies and of the devil:



            Massock's Article One: "Massock Personal Testimony (Confession Of Sins And Divine Commission) Vs The Eodh Falsified Mingled Report From Bethel Fbi Agent In Cameroon (Africa)."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: We have fully proven, by your own confession that you are the immoral person spoken about in the Cameroon ministers' report, and that such a nasty immoral man could never receive any divine commission from God. So all your big and boastful claims in this article, that you are:

            1) "The prophet to follow Brother Branham and reveal the capstone message to bring perfection and rapturing faith to the Bride; the short and quick message. 2) The odd person to take the prophet's message on.

            3) God's authorized mouth to declare the thunders. 4) An emerald pillar of fire came into you. 5) God dealt with W. M. Branham on Mount Sunset and He is dealing with you on Mount Cameroon. 6) You are the man who the Lord met in the little room in the tent vision.       7) The little room is in a three room house in Mt. Cameroon, Africa where the thunders was revealed to you, which is now to be broadcasted to the Bride around the world through your internet website recently set up. 6) The black sheep that W.M.B. spoke of lives in your house," are all of the devil and from the pit of hell, and have been proven to be totally false, by only your nasty, immoral life, let alone your multitude of heresies.



Your Article Two  exalted you and Millevo as two men quickened of God to defend the truth and exhort the Bride to contend against E.O.D.H. How could both of you be anointed by the Spirit of God and yet have different doctrines. You are confused. Millevo does not believe that you are the Christ with the seven thunders, neither does he believe the thunders began in Africa, along with many of your other heresies.

You lyingly claimed that many brethren have bowed at the feet of this "Idol man", Dalton Bruce, and accused him of preaching heresies. No one could substantiate such blatant lies. We challenge you to produce the evidence and prove such lies, you heretic. Produce two faithful witnesses or even one. We have hundreds of witnesses that what you said is totally unfounded, you lying hypocrite. Fight us with the Word and message, not lying allegations. And remember to first clean up your nasty immoral life. Take off your dirty diapers before you come to do battle with E.O.D.H.

            How could you live with your conscience after telling such lies. The scriptural conclusion is that your conscience has been seared by a hot iron. We further challenge you to identify as much as one heresy that Dalton Bruce preaches, and take the Word and message and expose it, rather than cackling like a hen in a barnyard about his manner of exposing false prophets like you and Millevo and his brat.

If Jesus, the apostle Peter, Paul and Jude the man of God were here you would try to correct them also, because they exposed false prophets in the very same manner. Read II Corinthians 11:13, II Peter Chapter 1, The Book of Jude, I Timothy 1:19-20 and Matthew 23 & Luke 11.

            No lies were told on you in 2011 when Bethel's congregation, in one accord, denounced all your lying accusations against Pastor Bruce of claiming several offices, as baseless and outright lies.



            Your Article Three was full of some of the most notorious lies invented, supposedly quoting me (Ronald Jack), saying things that I know nothing of, and supposedly quoting me as providing quotations from E.O.D.H. books to support your lies against my pastor.


            Quote Massock, the Notorious liar: "Bride’s Quest. : But Ronald Jack, do you choose to remain a notorious liar and a worker of deceit?

            Ronald Jack: No! Brethren, I am tired to be a notorious liar, I stand for the truth.

            Ok, now produce to the world the quote that proves this 1st claim of Dalton B. (EODH, B:11 page 26, par. 2-3):

            “There is coming a ministry to drive you off the trail. These are the impersonators that Bro. Branham spoke about in that vision. He saw a great white horse, and then there came a time when the white horse rider said, “get off the trail!" ."


            This lie you repeated in your article No. 7:


            Quote Massock, the Notorious liar: " It was through the exposure (Part-1) in the book entitled: “Dalton Bruce (the self-proclaimed prophet) The Last Heretic and Impersonator on the Trail of the Bride’s Ministry”, that all the claims of Dalton Bruce quoted from his personal EODH’s books and renewed in these Ten articles , were exposed, and are now more pointed out in the 3rd Article by his editor Jack used to direct us to prove him to be: “the 8th messenger (who is to preach after W. Branham - the 7th has preached and gone); the prophesied prophet by W.Branham."


            Far be it, you notorious Liar. I never held any such conversation with you or anyone else, or produced any such quotations. You are the biggest liar I have ever come in contact with in my life. It takes a Cain seed to lie like that.

Let it be known to all my brethren of E.O.D.H. and all message believers that I never had one input into your third article, or any of your articles, where you are supposedly quoting me. Every email I ever sent to you was of rebukes and exposing you as a false prophet and a lying devil, and I have the records to prove it.

I will never betray my shepherd to support a stinking fornicator and Esau like you, you false prophet. You are devil possessed. Only the devil could lie like that. Your conscience has been seared with a hot iron, and you have blasphemed your way, you conscienceless hypocrite. Woe be unto you. You will have the hottest place in the lake of fire.

            In like manner you quoted Pastor Dalton  Bruce, adding to his words as seen below. Your additions are in italics:


Quote Massock, The Notorious Liar: "Dalton Bruce said: “That is why God set that Ministry in the house of God (in Bethel), under a pastor and not under a prophet’s office- this is a deceitful heresy.

Then Dalton Bruce confirmed saying:

“Now that ministry (set up in Bethel) is going out there…” (EODH) Book 11 page 257)." (Massock's article No. 3)."


When message believers read book 11 and compare it with what you have quoted; adding things, it will expose you to the world as a lying false prophet. You also quoted Pastor Dalton Bruce supposedly saying things that he never said and that are totally untrue.


Quote Massock, The Notorious Liar: "Quest. But Dalton Bruce, are you that ordained prophet?

D.B. Ans. NO!

Quest-But how came that you are on a white horse riding and kicking others off the trail?

D.B. Ans. I can’t tell." (Massock's article No. 3).


            Have you lost all shame, Mr. Massock, that you could lie in a such manner, even though others know that you are lying? Brother Bruce never held any such discussion with you nor anyone, and never said such things. You are a treacherous lying false prophet to tell such outright lies. This further exposes you to the world as a notorious liar and false prophet. You cannot be preaching the truth and have a lying spirit of the devil. Someone who would outrightly invent lies and say things that never occurred and are totally untrue is anointed by a lying demon. You are of your father the devil, the inventor of lies.

Adding to this, I repeat with all truthfulness, that my Pastor, Dalton Bruce, is not guilty of claiming any of the offices or things that you are accusing him of. Neither do I or any of the members at Bethel, who has sat under his preaching for decades, believe any such nonsense that you are projecting. It is a lying accusation, you false prophet. He never preached or even indicated such things in his preaching, or personally to me or anyone else for the decades that I have sat under his ministry, all because they are not true. We have many, many witnesses to prove this. The Bible said let everything be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses, so it is scripturally established. You have totally bypassed this scripture in propagating your lies.

            Such lies are nothing new to us. Over the years this has been the continuous strategy of heretics like yourself to fight our pastor and E.O.D.H because they have no Word to fight with. Thus the article below was published on E.O.D.H book 16, and the contents had to be reiterated, in all truthfulness, over the years.





            Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. It has become necessary for me to send out this advisory to like faith believers and ministers. This is not to discipline you as an individual. A very sensitive issue came to my knowledge. Enemies of the cross and E.O.D.H. are accusing me of claiming to be the son of man or of having the son of man ministry and also that I am a prophet and 8th messenger.

Please do me the favor to oppose any person who tries to propagate this heresy. I realize that this is the devil at work to bring up a bad name against the ministry of E.O.D.H. and kill its influence. I have never propagated this error which says that “I am the son of Man” or I have the son of man ministry because it is wrong. In all my preaching and writing, I have not indicated, preached, or established that heresy; but on the contrary have denied any kind of ministry, being very conscious of fanaticism, which exist around the world. I tried to shun any kind of indication that identifies me with such fanaticism. I corrected ministers through the years who indicated any such calling to me. Thus there are no groups or individuals that I know who believe such a heresy.

            I declare positively and affirmatively that I have never claimed the ministry of a prophet, son of man or Christ, as such claims are wrong. I have only claimed over the past 40 years that I am a preacher of righteousness and am awaiting the placing of sons of God which is adoption by the last outpouring of the Holy Spirit which will reveal to the sons of God what office they each hold in the body. I trust that this advisory will be of help to like faith believers in stopping the work of the enemy. May the Lord bless you.”


Thou you know this and confessed that such lies were denounced on book 16, yet you choose to lie against your conscience. Sore will be your portion, you conscienceless liar. I do not write these things to try to convince you, because I know that you have passed repentance and are bent on telling lies, you lying heretic. But I say these things that the truth may be established and to help others.

Show me where we said that Pastor Bruce is the most holy and pure saint above all men on the earth today? You must not add to our words. We know for a fact that he is not a nasty immoral false prophet like you.

The Bible said that he that telleth lies shall not tarry in God's sight. You are a notorious liar, void of sincerity, void of a Christian conscience, void of truth and void of the Spirit of God.                                      



            Massock's Article Four: Quote Massock, The Notorious Liar: "Why Satan Uses Eodh Notorious Liars And Pastor Bruce To Attack Massock, Millevo Articles And Books That Expose Dalton Bruce?"


            E.O.D.H. Answer: There was never a book written that was able to expose Dalton Bruce and E.O.D.H. When E.O.D.H. exposes the lies and heresies in your books, and exposes you and your nasty life, we are not coming against the prophetic ministry you claim that followed W.M.B., as you stated in this article. If there is a prophetic ministry to follow W.M.B., one sure thing; he would not be an immoral whoremonger and a notorious liar like you.

            We believe in church order and the autonomy of each local assembly, but scripturally uphold scriptural standards, knowing that there is one church.

            You accused Pastor Bruce of running after money by selling E.O.D.H. books. 99% of these books are distributed free of charge. You are therefore further exposed as a notorious liar.



            Massock's Article Five: Quote Massock, The Notorious Liar: "Dalton Bruce “Secret Cult Tool” Used To Seduce, Deceive And Possess Weak Hearted Ministers And Churches Under Mal 4:5-6 – 2nd Fold To Form His New Papacy, Is Today Exposed: “The Distribution Of The Covenant Money”."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: You accused our pastor of using the distribution of money to seduce and deceive ministers and churches and for corrupting ministers with money and buying people with money. Yet you claim that he is after money. These are notorious lies that no one can substantiate. You do not know what lie to invent again to fight the truth. You cannot produce one true witness to substantiate such false claims. Our pastor distributes to the necessity of the saints, which is very scriptural (Acts 6: 1, Romans 12:3). The same ones who you said he seduces with money, if you were to distribute to us millions of dollars, you cannot get us, who are truly founded on the Word, to believe your heresies, especially when you are reputed as a filthy immoral preacher, by your own confession. If he never was to give me a cent in life, I would still follow what he preaches because it is the truth of the message of Brother Branham that came unto us by the opening of the seals.

            You further stated that when we refer to Pastor Bruce as "The precious man of God", we mean "a prophet." You lying hypocrite. Nothing can be further from the truth. He is not a prophet. He is a preacher of righteousness sent to expose immoral heretics like yourself. He preaches: "Thou shalt not commit fornication and adultery, thou shalt not lie, and a minister must not marry a defile Jezebel with a bastard child, and when a minister is found in whoredom he needs to get off the pulpit and get that demon out of him."

            Produce proof that anyone is worshipping our pastor, you notorious liar. Produce a true witness. Our affiliates worldwide are witnesses against such notorious lies. They will be your judges on the day of judgment.



            Massock's Article Six: Quote Massock, The Notorious Liar: "The Prophet as the Laodicean Messenger, brought to these Laodicean preachers of bethel the Eyes – slid of his age to cure their blindness and confused sight, but rejected it, dammed him and sentenced him of “lacking knowledge and having failed the Lord”(EODH book10,pg27,par.4):

            “The great Prophet Bro. Branham…He was called, he was a prophet, but he lacked knowledge…And he failed the Lord;…”."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: In this article you sought to defend several of your major heresies that we previously exposed and challenged you to prove by the Word and message. Adding to this you kept reiterating the above statement in many of your articles, trying to convince message believers that we are coming against to prophet, and accused my pastor of saying that the prophet failed in his commission, in order that you might gain the support of message believers. Do not try to gain support by lies, Mr. Massock. All of these are lies. There are few who exalt the ministry of W. M. Branham and honour the prophet as my pastor does. If you want to gain support do not commit whoredom, repent to the world for your lies, denounce your heresies, admit you are not born again, climb down from the pulpit and your self-exaltation and get that immoral and lying demon out of you. You would even gain our support.

            The above is another example of the slippery, slimy, treacherous lying spirit that is upon you. The original quotation reproduced below is enough to expose your deceit, lies and hypocrisy to any sincere and honest heart:


            Quote E.O.D.H. Book 10: Question # 126:                             Heretical Article No. 129:


“I am taught that one who is a minister called of God, cannot preach contrary to the Word and message, but all are antichrist who ever preaches contrary to the Word.”


Answer: There is a middle line to this... Gifts and calling are without repentance. A man is called and he has this calling while he was a drunkard, and while he was arguing philosophy in the rum shop. The Lord told Jeremiah,

            “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb…” How long before? Since   the foundation of the world. “…I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5). Gifts and calling are without repentance. A man that has a calling could preach contrary to the Word of God, and he could teach a lot of wrong things, before he repent because the gifts and the calling are before repentance, but after the man repents, it is a different story, after he has a change of spirit, after he is born again, after he is filled with the holy ghost is a different story. So you cannot put everybody into that category of antichrist.

There are millions of preachers who are called today, and are in organizations. There are thousands of people with callings who are in the rum shop, or amongst the rasta men and amongst the hippies. You cannot put them into that category; gifts and callings are without repentance and I believe those who make this heresy are mixing matters.

Before this man comes to truth he lacks knowledge. Before he repents, he lacks knowledge. He is subject to preach wrong things, say wrong things and do wrong things and be used of Satan in a great measure, because the man has a calling down in him, but the man is a sinner.

...The called minister could make a mistake because his gift and calling are without repentance. His gift came to him when he had no knowledge of the Word, the message of God, of truth, and of the prophet. Therefore, he could make a mistake, and even after that,  but you do not put him in a category of antichrist.

            Now, Brother Paul was called from the foundation of the world. Alright, his testimony says that he commanded them to blaspheme the name of Jesus, and he was standing there consenting to the death of Stephen (Acts 8:1, 26:11) Was he called of God? [Congregation says, “Amen!”] So we’ve got to rightly divide the Word of truth.

            The great prophet Brother Branham, did he make mistakes? Do you know that Brother Branham preached contrary things? [Congregation says, “Amen!”] Brother Branham preached all seven seals in one night, and he said that the white horse rider is Christ. But those tapes are not in circulation.  He was called, he was a prophet, but he lacked knowledge because the seals were not opened. And he failed the Lord; he made one or two mistakes."


            You are exposed, Mr. Massock. You further lied saying that E.O.D.H. has Buddhist principles and worships a man.

            Prove your lies that we have Buddhist principles and that anyone worships Pastor Bruce, and have him as an idol and god, you lying devil. Our adherents in India, Africa and other parts of the world stand as witnesses that this is a total lie. Prove to us that lie that Pastor Bruce demands total submission and obedience from us, you conscienceless immoral liar. Pastor Bruce does not preach any such thing. He preaches that full obedience to the Word entitles us to the token, just as the prophet said. Full obedience includes that you must not live as a whoremonger and marry a defiled Jezebel with a bastard child who threw you down flat on your face and made you bite the dust as a preacher. Yet in all of this you still have a mouth, and a lying one too? You should be ashamed to open your mouth you nasty immoral lying false prophet!

            No one in the Cameroons or any part of the world worships Pastor Dalton Bruce, you liar. God is presently using men of all colour skins, but He is certainly not using an immoral false prophet like you.






            Heresy: " The prophetic ministry of Rev. 10: 7 will be fulfilled into two fold."    


            Quote Massock, the inventor of heresies: "This is not a heresy of Massock, but a true “thus said the Lord” through Prophet Branham who said: “... in the days of the voice of the seventh Angel (Rev. 10:7) all this ministry, that is written (in the book) should be finished (revealed – This is fulfilled by the first-fold of Rev. 10:7)... Then is the time for the seven voices (7 thunders) of Rev. 10: to be revealed (This is the second-fold of Rev. 10:7)...” (sir is thus the time – Pg. 37, Par 4-6; Pg. 38, par. 1).

            ...it’s Rev.10:7 Anointing that reveals both.

            Now we ask: a) Who must reveal the written mystery Brethren? Rev. 10:7 (first fold of W.B. BRANHAM Ministry). b) Who must reveal the unwritten Mystery left to be Revealed Brethren? The same Rev. 10:7 anointing (second fold of W. Branham’s ministry – called The New Ministry of W. Branham... “I believe I shall ride this trail again, I got to bring a message ...lord, your servant‟s reporting for service."

            These are those first and 2nd folds of Rev. 10:7."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: I wish to first highlight that all that is in brackets is Massock's words added to the quotations of the prophet. Nowhere in these quotations it is stated that the anointing of Revelation 10: 7 reveals the seals in two fold. No man was found worthy to open the Book but Christ, not Revelation 10: 7. The "I" who is to ride the trail again is Christ. It took Christ's anointing to open the seals, and he certainly would not anoint a filthy immoral, lying false prophet like you. It is blasphemy to say so.



            Heresy: "Elisha Is To Fulfil Elijah's Second Fold."


            Quote Massock, the inventor of heresies: "Prophet Branham, being under the anointing of Elijah pointed Elisha’s awaited anointing coming on the scene and said:

            “ I‟ve waited, I have longed, I have been under anticipations and believed that some great one was coming some day or may be THE GREAT PROPHET will come, of the Elisha....”(CODpg751,pr35)."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: You are lying on the prophet, Mr. Massock. You misquoted him to formulate your heresy. He said, "Elijah" not "Elisha":


            Quote W.M.B.: 751-35  .... I've waited; I have longed; I have been under anticipations and believed that some great one was coming someday or maybe the great prophet that I speak will come, of the Elijah... (Taking.Sides.With.Jesus  COD 62-0601).


            A man who would lie on the prophet in such a manner have to be devil possessed.



            Heresy: "The Laodicean age ended in 2005."


            Quote Massock, the inventor of heresies: "And for your information, the Laodicean age ended in 2005; this is “Thus said the Lord”. For It was in the retreat place on Mount Cameroon that he spoke to me that: “The time of the Churches has passed”..."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: That is a lie, Mr. Massock. You do not have any quotation or scripture to support that. Not even one. And God is not speaking to you. If He was, the first thing he would tell you is to repent for lying on His prophet, lying on E.O.D.H., and to climb down from the pulpit, get that lying demon out of you and get your unregenerated soul saved.



            Heresy: "The outpouring is to be poured out after the restoration of all things."


            Quote Massock, the inventor of heresies: "Outpouring/Fullness of the Holy Ghost is poured out after the Restoration of All Things. Yes! that are written-first (Acts 3:21), after followed by “the secrets of the household of God” unveiled by God today... In there, they shall know: What is the new outpouring? Where is it? How to get it?"


            E.O.D.H. Answer: There is no outpouring to come after the restoration of all things. All things includes the outpouring that is to be restored. So you are talking capital nonsense. The seals already revealed God's plan and program for the final outpouring. It was not waiting on an immoral man like you to come and reveal it. What is the New Outpouring? The prophet said it is the final quickening for the Rapture (C/Ages 377-378). Where is it? He said it starts in New England, U.S.A. (E-3 Tested Faith Produces Goods 58-0518). How to get it? By full obedience to the Word, he said (338  Token 63-0901M ). In other words: no fornicator and liar shall enter the Kingdom of God.



            Heresy: "Several prophets in the Bride reveal the thunders."


            Quote Massock, the inventor of heresies: "Several prophets in the bride reveal the thunders (yes, the Bride’s members are: Apostles, Prophets (have thunders Message in them, etc…said the Prophet; but one authorized mouth like Peter in the Pentecostal day, must speak them out)."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: W. M. Branham said that one prophet will get the revelation. That is the unchangeable Law of God. Who should we believe; you or him?:




            Quote W.M.B.: 324-1  ... What was in those thunders no one knows. But we need to know. And it will take a prophet to get the revelation because God has no other way of bringing out His Scriptural revelations except by a prophet. The Word always came by a prophet and always will. That this is the law of God is evident by even a casual search of Scripture. (Laodicean.Church.Age  -  Church.Age.Book Cpt.9).



            Heresy: "Thunders Revival will start in Africa."


            Quote Massock, the inventor of heresies: "The thunders revival will start in Africa (the thunders message is now given in Africa for the Bride’s revival, which message must be believed by the New England Bride. There will be no revival of the bride in the world starting from the bride in America continent (Ichabo has been declared on it, the Anointing of the Ministry was sent to Africa, so the New England’s Bride will get it from Africa to candle America)."


E.O.D.H. Answer: You do not have one scripture or quotation for such a heresy. Israel rejected and crucified their Messiah, but the revival came in that very nation to a faithful few. The prophet said that the revival will start in New England. New England is not in Africa but U.S.A. Who should we believe; the Prophet or you? So you are again proven a liar, with no regard for what the prophet taught.




            Quote W.M.B.: E-3 ... and praying that sometime along this way, that something will happen to the people that'll set their hearts afire for God, that an old fashioned revival will break out in New England. It's tried on the west coast; it's tried in the middle east, tried in the south, but seemingly that this is our last place to try: New England. Here's where our forefathers landed for this freedom of religion on Plymouth Rock. It is from these sacred soils here that praying men and women went forth to establish this great spiritual economy that we are privileged to serve today.

            ...If we'll be sincere and believe in the God that they believed in and serve Him with the same reverence that they served Him with, we'll see a revival again. And I believe it will start in New England. God's willing to do it if we're willing to carry it. (E-3 Tested Faith Produces Goods 58-0518).



            Heresy: "Thunders and thunders prophet to start and come from Africa."


            Quote Masock, the inventor of heresies: "Thunders, Prophet And White Horse Will Be From The West, Not Usa (this statement was mixed up by EODH). Thunders will start outside USA, in Africa.(fulfilled, for the Ministry came to Africa)."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: Africa is certainly not the West, and the thunders prophet is certainly not a fornicator. So that excludes you. You are certainly mixed up in your proud head.



            Heresy: "William Branham, the second forerunner was sent to point the people to the Christ of today: the Bride- the anointed one."


            Quote Massock, the inventor of heresies: "Then W. Branham expressed that like John, he must point the Bride out as the Christ and the 8th whom he came to forerun, saying:

            “As the end-time prophecies will repeat, I believe as the first forerunner (John the Baptist) came from the wilderness and cried “Behold the Lamb of god” the second forerunner (W.M Branham) will probably do the same by pointing the people” (of the Laodicean age) to a word-Born Bride (of the Bride age) “ ( spoken word is the original seed. Pg. 63, Canada print)."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: Why did you not quote the entire quotation, Mr. Massock. What you left out stated that at the appearing of Jesus, the forerunner will point the Bride to the Bridegroom.:


            Quote W.M.B.:125-3    As the end time prophecies will repeat, I believe, as the first forerunner came from the wilderness and cried, "Behold the Lamb of God," the second forerunner will probably do the same by pointing the people to a Word born Bride. The Bride of Christ will be pointed to the skies at the appearing of Jesus, screaming, "Behold the Lamb of God," will come forth from his lips. God help us to be ready for this near event. (The spoken word is the original seed 62-0318).


            The prophecy on the banks of the Ohio river stated that W.M. Branham was to forerun the coming of Bridegroom; Christ, not His Bride.



            Heresy: "The Bride is the anointed man."


            Quote Massock, the inventor of heresies: "And when time came to get that prophesy fulfilled, then prophet W. Branham truly pointed the Bride, calling her the Anointed Man – The Christ:

            “OH! My! what? The anointed Man; now the Anointed Bride (the Christ) ...” Amen. (Christ is the mystery of God revealed, Pg. 51)."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: You lied, Mr. Massock. You have deliberately perverted the quotation of the prophet to formulate your heresy, because you have no Word for it. The prophet is not saying that the Bride is the anointed man. He said the anointed man is the Bridegroom. This is the correct quotation:


            Quote W.M.B.: 380  And in there, there would be a time come forth when He could express Himself in fullness of His Godhead, Deity, through His Church, have the preeminences in this Church. Oh, my! What? The anointed Man; now the anointed people; oh, my, to bring back the anointed Bride and the Bridegroom. Anointed by (why?) accepting what Eve turned down, and Adam; coming back with the anointing of the Word, because He said, "My Word is Spirit." See, anointed with the Word. What Eve turned down, He comes back and we accept. (Christ.Is.The.Mystery.Of.God.Revealed  63-0728).



            Heresy: "The Bride is a prophet."


            Quote Massock, the inventor of heresies: "The Bride, said W. Branham, is the Prophet of today. She is made of: Apostles, Prophets etc. But God, like in the Pentecostal day, must use “one authorized mouth” to speak the thunders message out, which is in all the Elected Bride‟s members. Amen.

            Finally W. M. Branham revealed and called her “The prophet of today” saying:

“... when they saw him (JESUS) coming, fully identified by the word. It‟s that same manner that the church (the Bride) that is a prophet today”, must be fully identified by the word of god, “That is the Prophet” (see GN pg. 206)."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: Here is the full and correct quotation, Mr. Massock:


            Quote W.M.B.: 135  There's a man there named Philip had seen that, and so elated him! He knew that was the Messiah, because He was a Prophet. They had had all kinds of prophets, but it wasn't the right kind of Prophet. When they seen this Prophet come, fully identified by the Word!

            That's the way the church is a prophet today, ought to be fully identified by the Word of God, which is the Prophet. And if we organize ourselves and get groups, and separate from one another, "seemingly not having the Faith," how we going to take the Word? See, we can't do it. Come back to the Word, This is Eternal Life, "My Words are Life." (Investments 63-1116B).


            The prophet never said anywhere in this quotation that the Bride is the prophet of today. That is you saying that. You are trying to make this quotation say that "The church is a prophet, and that is the prophet." That is not what this quotation is saying. Absolutely not.

            I personally listened to this statement on tape. All that the prophet is saying is that Jesus the prophet came fully identified by the Word. Then he said, that's the way the church is. Then he said, a prophet today ought to be fully identified by the Word, which is the prophet. The Word is the prophet, and not the church, Mr. Massock.

            This is spiritual ignorance to the uttermost heights of foolishness. You cannot understand the difference of a prophet and the church. If there is no difference, then the early church was a prophet and had no need of Jesus Christ.



            Heresy: "Massock is the eighth messenger prophet."


            Quote Massock, the inventor of heresies: "Why this big Scribe of Bethel can’t quote this quote in his books to prove or show that, there is an “8th messenger-prophet” coming on the scene after W. Branham?

            “ I will preach what God said! That is right. One of them Eight, (the eight after him the seventh) will be somewhere. One of them will be somewhere."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: This scribe does not quote that because that quotation is not saying anything about an eighth messenger prophet, and moreso one who is a nasty immoral man. You lied on the prophet. He never said any such thing there about an eighth messenger prophet. He was preaching a message that "Strait is the gate" and few there be that find it. And he said, as it was in the days of Noah wherein a few; just eight souls were saved, so shall it be today:


            Quote W.M.B.: 103  ... few there'll be that'll find it." As it was in Noah's days, eight out of those millions; as it was in the days of Sodom, three out of millions; so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man.

            ... "How many's going in?" I don't know how many's going: only thing is, "God, let me be one of them."

            ...I'll preach what God said preach. That's right. One of them eight will be somewhere. (Strait Is The Gate 59-0301M).


            You are a treacherous lying false prophet. How could you pervert the quotations of the prophet and lie on him in such a manner? Say what the messenger said and do not lie and add your heresy to it.



            Heresy: "The Eighth candle stand is the Eighth church age and the Lamb is the Eighth Spirit of God.

a) The 8th Candle-stand stands for the Bride's age."


            Quote Massock, the inventor of heresies: "This is why the Holy Ghost led Prophet Branham to reveal, saying that:

            “Now if you notice in Revelation1, we find Jesus standing in the seven church ages, the seven golden candlesticks, when he (John) turned and saw one like the Son of Man, standing, clothed with how it was. IT WAS THE BRIDE STANDING IN THE CANDLESTICKS, DRAWED OUT(as a Pillar).”Amen! (Why are we not a denomination-pg37,par.180).

            The Prophet taught us that an age is symbolized by a candle-stand-a pillar. But Dalton B. who also believes that, there’s an “age of the bride”, mixed it up with the Laodicean church age."

            The lamb has 7 eyes which are the seven spirits of God-Rev.5: 6, (Yes, the fullness of the 7spirits forms the lamb’s spirit--the 8th spirit. It is not an insane Heresy of Massock)."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: Mr. Massock, you could add seven how much you want, you cannot get eight spirits of God. I am surprised that a scientist like you said you are, cannot count. Yes, each church age is symbolized by a candlestick. The scripture accounts for only seven candlesticks and seven spirits of God. You have included and eighth candlestick and an eighth church age. You are confused. The prophet never said anything about the Bride being the eighth candlestick or eighth church age. The Bride does not represent a separate church age, as the Bride was in every church age, not only in the end time. So the candlesticks represented the Bride from the 7 church ages and not the Bride age.

            All that the Bride age means is the age when the church returns to being the Bride she was at Pentecost. This takes place by another outpouring. Other details of this is not to be cast before immoral swines. You are not the Lamb, Mr. Massock. You are a wolf in sheep clothing.



            Massock's Article Seven:




            You stated that Pastor Bruce does not restore heretics and false prophets like yourself in the spirit of meekness and gentleness when they are overtaken in a trespass of heresies, and he has never visited them privately and told them about their heresies, then take two witnesses and then tell it to the church, according to Matthew 18. I guess you would condemn the prophet for the same when he exposed the Pope as the antichrist, having never met him. You foolish false prophet, you know no more about the Word than a Hottentot knows about an Egyptian knight, nor an immoral false prophet from the Cameroon knows about true men of God in the West. Are you saying that he too should have applied Matthew 18? Are you telling us to apply Matthew 18 to a stinking whoremonger and conscienceless fabricator of outright lies like yourself, you crawling, slimy reptile? No, we reject you as a heretic, after the first and second admonition.

            Titus 3:10-11 <A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject;

            Knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself.>

            I guess you would have also misjudged Stephen when he rebuked the Jews in the strongest manner saying:

            Acts 7:51 <Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye.>

            But he did it with a heart full of love, which was evident at his stoning when he uttered:

            Acts 7:60 <And he kneeled down, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin to their charge. And when he had said this, he fell asleep.>

            Love is corrective.

            I have never met another man of such patience and understanding like Brother Bruce, who bears much patience and is longsuffering with God's sheep. I and hundreds of others in Bethel and around the world are witnesses to this undeniable fact.

            On top of that you find fault when we refer to false prophets like yourself as: "Cain seeds, big mouths, shameless coward, boneless preacher, dead hypocrites, deceitful, hypocritical, slippery, slimy false prophet, etc…" You think it is unscriptural to do so. Over the years, were you too busy formulating lies, living immoral and propagating heresies that you never read the clouds of scriptural witnesses in the written Word? May E.O.D.H. educate you with the ABC's of the scriptures.

            What would you say of our Lord Jesus; the same one who spoke Matthew 18, when he referred to hypocrites and serpent like yourself as: " hypocrites! Children of hell! Blind guides! Fools! Whited sepulchres full of dead men bones! Serpents! How can ye escape the damnations of hell?" (Matthew 23:13-33). Would you condemn His language also?





That is Bible pattern, scriptural standards, apostolic stamina, and when compared to your imaginary love gospel, you have missed the mark. You cannot fit your sissified love gospel into the scriptures, nor can you find a character in scriptures to type out such compromising attitude towards false prophets and spirits of antichrist.

Jude; a God called servant and preacher of the message of that day, judged, criticized and condemned false prophets under the message, like yourself, in some of the strongest language ever written in the scriptures.

Jude: 1-3,4 "... For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation..."

Jude verses 8-13 "... but what they know naturally, as brute beasts,  in those things they corrupt themselves .Woe unto them ! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward  and perished in the gainsaying of Core. These are spots in your feast of charity…. Clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots. Raging waves of the sea , foaming out their own shame wandering  stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever."

What would you say to that, Mr. Massock? You should thank God that Jude in person is not here to deal with your proud assumption of Christ's ministry, immoral life and multitude of notorious lies. He would certainly let you know who you are; nothing but a creeping reptile.

Is the language of Jude too hard? Certainly not! Then the language of E.O.D.H. is not either, in exposing spirits of antichrist like yourself and others around the message of Malachi 4. Our language is perfectly scriptural.

Would Brother Branham handle false prophets the way that E.O.D.H. does? Yes! Elvis Presley the Pentecostal boy was called a cat and modern Judas and Ricky a rat, Oral Roberts and Billy Graham two angels to Sodom,  blinding the sodomites, also Janness and Jambress, impersonators of Moses in the last days.

Brother Branham made use of terms like mules, goats, crows, dogs, black birds, hawks, idiots, ignoramuses, beasts, dragons, serpent seeds, Cains, Balaams, Judases and many more modern terms. Why? That is Bible pattern and apostolic standard. Therefore E.O.D.H. is very scriptural in our language.

Church History records: Polycarp the disciple of St. John was walking the street, and when he saw a perverter of the message approaching, he crossed the street to avoid him. The man called out to Polycarp, and he refused to answer. He shouted louder and said, "Brother Polycarp, haven't you seen me?" Polycarp replied, "Yes I have seen you thou firstborn of Satan".

Those were militant men, yet Brother Branham said Polycarp was not militant enough against the anti-Christ. Thus, Irenaeus was the messenger to the Second Church Age.

Apostle Peter referred to false prophets and immoral preachers like yourself as "natural brute beast, made to be taken and destroyed... spots they are and blemishes….Having eyes full of adultery …cursed children… wells without  water… Clouds …To whom the  mist  of  darkness is  reserved  forever… servants of corruption, sows and dogs.” (II Pet 2:10-22).

How can petticoat preachers like you and Millevo fit your sissified gospel into the New Testament pattern and standards of exposing false prophets? It simply does not exist in scriptures.

Many cannot divide the two spirits within the framework of the message. Thus they view the antichrist working in false prophets as genuine believers and ministers who are in error.

Jude after such radical condemnation of false prophets in the message, with discernment of the two spirits within the framework of the message spoke of a group that was wrong in their life and doctrine, and  never branded them like he did the seed of Cain. He said:

Jude 1:22-23 <And of some have compassion, making a difference:

And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.>

That is why E.O.D.H. never branded Dr. Vayle as a heretic. He was just a child of God in error. 



            Massock's Article Eight: Quote Massock, The Notorious Liar: "Today Ronald Anthony Jack teaches the followers of Daltonism from EODH last article, to worship their Cult master. “I love Dalton Bruce with Godly love (as his god) more than every human being on earth (more than his wife, than himself, more than Jesus Christ-Man, more than Prophet Branham; and Ronald Watson, an Indian proselyte of Dalton Bruce, loves calling him:” his Father and his God”... Into this Cult, no any other person or preacher can pretend of having gotten any revelation, excepted the Cult-Master."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: All of these are outright lies that you fabricated. You lied, and you know it. You cannot prove any of these things because they are total lies. My answer to you as a fool in your folly is that the full revelation was already revealed by the seals. And to say that Pastor Bruce holds people by fear is the furthest thing from the truth. I would not waste time on such notorious lies and such expressions of madness and deceit. By now any sincere reader knows that you are a notorious liar and your words cannot be trusted.

            You harp on my statement about my Godly love for my shepherd. I said, "any man on earth". Jesus the man is not on earth, unless you are claiming to be Jesus. I was speaking about my appreciation for the Word of God and the gift of God. It seems as though you do not know what is Godly love and the love a sheep has for a true shepherd.  If the prophet of God was here I would say the very same things of him that I said of my pastor. I cannot say the same of you because you are a nasty, immoral false prophet who lies like the devil himself.

            Are you so spiritually dumb that you do not know the scriptures of how the elect receives a true man of God? I guess if you were back there you would have tried to correct the saints back there, you foolish man. The scriptures give me the liberty to receive a true man of God even as the angel of God, even as Jesus Christ, yet I never spoke such words. Don't be jealous because people do not have that Godly love for you because of your nasty immoral life and heresies. I yet maintain that it takes a Cain seed to lie like you, you false prophet.



            Massock's Article Nine: Quote Massock, the Notorious liar: "These are the words of the Lord unto you “EODH” arrogant sect... “Why boasted thou thyself in mischief, o mighty man ...God shall likewise destroy thee ...forever, he shall take thee ...away and pluck thee out of thy dwelling place (Bethel in Trinidad) and root thee (EODH) out of the land of the living."


E.O.D.H. Answer: Mr. Massock, your article nine is full of much expression of insanity and madness that are totally unfounded, untrue and which you cannot prove, even because they are total lies, fabricated by a madman.  It is either that you love to lie or you are crack, if not both. Something seems to be wrong with your head, no doubt.

Your prophecy that the devil gave you about the fall of Pastor Bruce and E.O.D.H. and judgment to come, is not of God. It is of the antichrist and will not come to pass. You do not prophesy but you propheLIE, you lying false prophet. The more you try to curse us is the more God blesses us.

                        Produce proof that I love money and I am seeking the right hand position of Pastor Bruce. You sound like a mad man who is saying anything that comes to your head, without any proof whatsoever. For you to say that because we drew a lamb to represent Jesus, it means that we are worshipping animals and totem worship (which is to say that we adopt as an emblem, an object or animal believed to have spiritual significance), is total foolishness, lies and madness. We worship Jesus Christ and him alone. We do not have the time to waste in picking up such expressions of insanity and foolishness, you mad Balaamite prophet.

                        And I repeat that what we teach and uphold is undefeatable, because it is the message of Malachi 4: 5-6 and the Word of God.



            Massock's Article Ten: Quote Massock, The Notorious Liar: "Behold the pictures of Anthony Ronald Jack, the corrupted and proud Deacon of Bethel who... Stands today like the great dustbin of Dalton Bruce, which stores all the wicked and perverted evil abuses and curses spoken and declared by him on his pulpit..."


            E.O.D.H. Answer: Thank you for the tenth article and for the publicity you gave me, free of charge, Mr. Massock. I was a nobody before but have now become very popular by your article. I do not project Pastor Bruce as a prophet, you liar. I project him as a preacher of righteousness. None of your lies can change the truth. The truth will keep marching on.





            In conclusion; what have you achieved by your ministry of achievement and your ten heretical, nonsensical and lying articles? You have not achieved anything. You have not won a single person from E.O.D.H., and you would not convince any. None would listen to an immoral false prophet, mad and senseless heretic as you, but a few goats. All you have done is to further expose yourself.

            It would have done you better to do like Millevo and shut your heretic lying mouth. The Word of God has stopped your mouth, as the scriptures commanded. Now, you are like a dumb dog that cannot bark, beaten, bruised and silenced, somewhere in a corner licking your wounds, and your mouth cannot be heard. And Ron Millevo, after publishing your lies and using you to shield his shame, has hypocritically withdrawn himself, without repenting, when he found out about your hypocrisy and nasty immoral life, and has distanced himself and left you in the firing line and forefront of the battle to face the Sword of the King that has thoroughly defeated and exposed you as a heretic, a deceitful hypocrite, nasty immoral false prophet and the biggest liar that E.O.D.H. ever had to deal with, with no shame or conscience whatsoever. May this be a revival to wake up Millevo.

            You are the biggest notorious lying false prophet that we have ever come in contact with. Something is definitely wrong with your soul to be outrightly fabricating lies and telling lies like that, against your own conscience and fighting the truth, when you know it is the truth and that it has exposed your errors. You have to be a man who is totally void of salvation, whose conscience has been seared by a hot iron, and who has no doubt fulfilled Hebrews 6 and Hebrews 10, having seen truth and know it is truth and yet would fight it.

            Hebrews 6:4-6 <For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost,

            And have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come,

            If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame.>


            Hebrews 10:26-27 <For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,

            But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.>




            Quote W.M.B.: E-29 ..."For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, made partakers of the Holy Ghost, to fall away again. For if we sin (disbelieve) willfully... "If we disbelieve willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin."

            If the truth of the Gospel has been presented to you in such a way that you have to see it, and because of popularity, or something else, that you turn your back to it and walk away and don't want to see it, there's where you cross the line. "For he that disbelieves willfully after he has received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins." (Law  55-0115).




            Quote W.M.B.: 244 Now, what is the unpardonable sin? Is to sin wilfully, after you have received the knowledge of truth. Is that right? "For he that sins..." And what is sin? Unbelief. When you look at It and say, "That's the truth," but you refuse to receive It, "He that sins, or disbelieves wilfully after he had received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin."

            ...To refuse, to reject, to disbelieve the Word of God, it's unpardonable sin. (The Unpardonable Sin 54-1024).


            May this serve as a warning to Millevo, his Connecticut brat and others who would lift up their swords and filthy tongues against the truth, knowing in their heart that it is the truth. Amen.   


William Branham
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